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Jeffrey Levine, MBA, CPCC

I'm Jeffrey Levine...

I have over 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, small business owner, executive, composer, and copywriter. In that time I've been sought out by business owners and colleagues alike for my insights to strategic and tactical challenges.


My personal journey has given me a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to navigate many of life’s transitions. My education and training makes me an effective partner for you as you face your own challenges. As a professional coach I guide you, whether you are an entrepreneur, executive or manager, toward your desired goals quickly and easily and I'm dedicated to saving you the stress of trying to go it alone.

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In 90 days I doubled my revenues, developed a clear strategy to follow for the next year, and most importantly came to understand how my business fit into the bigger picture of a happy and fulfilling life.

M.H., Malibu, CA

Jeffrey’s been my business and personal coach for several years now. I appreciate his ability to help me set goals, keep me on track to reach those goals, and offer useful advice to help me run my business better. He lets me vent, process and gain clarity on difficult issues.

K.W., Los Angeles, CA

Jeffrey had the business acumen to help me thru some major business challenges, get to the root cause of problems and to explore alternative solutions. He also inspired me by giving me techniques and approaches that allow for collaborative problem solving and avoiding conflict. 
R.M., Santa Monica, CA

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