Coaching Across America

From mid-April through June 2010 I took a road trip across the United States and back, coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs on the most challenging problems facing their businesses, as well as seeing our beautiful country and visiting friends.

While it began as a vacation, it ended as a life-changing project. The resulting book, Coaching Across America – Business and Life Lessons From Three Months On The Road, is part memoir, part practical business guide. In it I share the stories of entrepreneurs who revealed to me their struggles with marketing, motivation and meaning.

On a personal level, people wanted to know things like: “What was your favorite place you visited?” “Didn’t you mind all that driving?” “How did your wife feel about it?” And of course, the most challenging of all – “What did you learn?” In fact, I’m still sorting that out.

What was obvious from all of my conversations is that despite the obstacles of a struggling economy and the hard work necessary to achieve success, small business owners are driven by a profound sense of optimism. This fortitude was both humbling and inspiring.

In “Coaching Across America” Jeffrey pulls off an ambitious set of goals. He simultaneously
offers business people cogent, relevant and breakthrough counsel –
all the while keeping the reader engaged as he weaves common threads between
his own journey of self-discovery with the journeys of those whom he touches.
—Hutt Bush, author of “Being(ZOOM): Mastering Your Results Evolution”

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