Creative Problem Solving – Part 2 – The 3rd Right Answer

When we’re faced with a problem in our business were immediately searching for the right answer.

In fact, from the time we were little kids in schools we’ve been trained to find the right answer. If we get the right answer, we win the prize, get the cookie, get strokes from our teacher and parents, look good.

In business this can be a liability because once we arrive at what we think the right answer is, we stop looking.

We feel like we’re done.

If you’ve owned your own small business for awhile you might have discovered that there is more than one right answer – often affected by a number of factors: our perspective or mood at the time, available information, past experiences, among others.

That’s why I always encourage my coaching clients to keep looking for the 3rd Right Answer.

That’s right. Not the first right answer that seems like it will solve the problem. Not even the second which comes to mind. But the third.

This keeps you looking, probing, considering other options.

Reasons to Look For The 3rd Right Answer

  • It keeps you from falling in love with your ideas and solutions
  • It keeps you from applying solutions to situations where they don’t apply
  • Your creative problem solving becomes a habit

What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today.

Stay in the question longer and you’ll get better at generating potential solutions.