Creative Problem Solving – Part 3 – Ask New Questions

One method to train yourself to try problem solving in new ways is to ask yourself new or different questions.

We all tend to approach our challenges in the same, habitual ways.

We often ask ourselves the same questions over and over regarding problems we encounter in growing our small business, for instance.

I recommend trying to restate the challenge in a different way to illicit a different reaction in your brain.

Problem Solving In Your Business

For instance, part of our challenges as a small business owner is staying relevant by being able to anticipate the needs of our customers.

So perhaps your challenge is keeping people on your website longer.

First Approach

You might start with the question: “How do we keep people on our site longer?”

And that might lead to some ideas about offering a free, downloadable give-away. Or possibly getting them to click through to another page.

A New Question

Another option might be to ask: “Why are people leaving our site so soon?”

This could lead you to some different answers than the first question, by helping you to uncover what is already on your site that might be turning them off.

Thinking Differently

Or you could ask: “How can we get people to return to our site more often?”

All of a sudden it’s not about how long they stay but how often they return. And that could lead you to ask “How can we provide value to our visitors who stay only a short time?”

Do you see how reframing the problem by asking different questions can help you approach the challenge in new ways?

Creative problem solving often starts with creative question asking.

Ask new questions and try focusing on your business puzzles from a new perspective.