Creative Problem Solving – Part 4 – Mind Mapping

Solving problems in the 21st century small business world requires new approaches – mind mapping being a great place to start.

Mind mapping is a problem solving method which combines brainstorming and list making that allows your brain to think in 3- dimensions.

Since its graphical in nature, it helps you associate ideas and concepts that might be more difficult in traditional list making.

The photo gives you an idea of what a mind map might look like. But sitting down and creating one for yourself is the quickest way to grasp its potential.

The cool thing about mind mapping is that it more closely mirrors how our brains work than more traditional analytical types of problem solving techniques.

By using more of a “free-association” method, your mind is free to travel down a rabbit hole of thinking without losing its way.

Its greatest benefit is to help clarify your thinking and can be used in any area of your life – business, personal, education, relationships, etc.

When our daughter moved out, it was a very transitional time, in a life changing kind of way. My wife and I created a mind map of our life together which helped us explore our priorities as well as strengthen our connection.

I’ve also used mind maps when my coaching business seemed to be getting big and overwhelming. It helps me reset priorities as I look at how the various parts of my business – coaching, writing, speaking, marketing – all fit together.

If you feel you need more information, there are many websites that can give you more information on how to mind map.

Most important of all is to keep it relatively simple – use single words or very short phrases.

Feel free to use colors, different fonts and sizes, as well as pictures – whatever it takes to keep it fun, your brain open and the ideas flowing.