Effective Team Building – The Mark Of A Great Leader

Leadership and team building go hand in hand. Obviously, every leader needs a team, and successful teams need effective leaders.

If you are fortunate enough to be a leader of a team – whether it’s a team of high powered executives, or just a couple of employees, there are some guidelines that will help you and your team achieve peak performance.

The good news is, as your team develops, they continually crave growth and involvement.

It’s to your advantage to find ways to assist them by increasing their freedom as well as their responsibility. By doing this, you enable each member of your team to do their personal best.

And this is at the heart of effective team building.

You, as their leader, have the power to help your team be successful and grow in their work by providing some key basic pieces of information.

You look good. They look good. Everyone wins.

The Keys To Successful Team Building

1. Direction

a. Make sure that your team is working on the right stuff. Successful leaders do this by setting clear goals and ways to measure the progress toward those goals.

b. Talk about results and get everyone on the same page. Leadership is about making sure everyone on the team is rowing in the same direction

2. Knowledge

a. Ensure that your team has the technical information and skills available to them to get the job done.

3. Resources

a. Nothing discourages a team more than when they don’t have what they need to be successful – people, time, money, materials, tools. Exceptional leaders empower their team by understanding what they need, and then providing it.

4. Support

a. By providing coaching, encouragement and reinforcement you signal to your team that they are on the right path.

b. Recognize them individually, and in public for their successes.

With this approach, each team member is willing to take ownership of the project and invest themselves in the success of the team.

Being successful at team building is less about supervising and more about providing a direction and empowering the team to accomplish goals.

Photo: Flickr.com/dearbarbie