Ending Procrastination – Making Powerful Choices

In my last post about procrastination, I talked about the wisdom of Yoda from Star Wars – “There is no try, there is only do, and not do.” So when you say you’re “procrastinating” you are, in fact, “not doing.”

In that post I also suggested that you remove the word procrastination from your vocabulary and replace it with two statements:

1. I am choosing not to _______________________.
2. As a result of that choice, I am choosing ________________.

The goal is to get clear about your choices.

Because when you procrastinate, you are choosing to make something NOT happen, which I know sounds kind of funny.

I’ve found that you can end procrastination by first getting clear about what you are NOT doing (and the result or cost of that choice), and then choosing a small action to take – which is what this post is about.

Step Two in this process is what I call, “Making a More Powerful Choice.”

This does not have to be something big or complicated – in fact, it should be something small, something that’s easy to do, something you can do this very moment, quickly.

Examples of Making A Powerful Choice

1. Instead of “Exercising,” just get up and take a walk.
2. Instead of “Updating my Quickbooks” pick one thing to do, like “Finding my bank statement and putting it on my desk,” or “entering my credit card statement into Quickbooks.”
3. Instead of “Marketing” “make three phone calls.”

By taking little, easy steps, you are shifting from “not doing” to “doing” – ending procrastination.

Once you use the technique I’ve described in these last two blog posts, it will start to come naturally. You’ll see clearly the choice you are making, and more easily shift to a more powerful choice.

Please leave me comments to let me know how this works for you.