What can an Executive Coach really do for you and your company?

The answer was expressed best by Christine Zust, in an article entitled "Need a Trusted Advisor? Hire an Executive Coach." In it she outlines the 4 roles that an executive coach plays:

  1. Professional development expert
  2. A partner who challenges your thinking as a leader
  3. A confidante and trusted advisor
  4. An objective outside source

Many executives can level off in critical and interpersonal skills and a coach will help them improve, often dramatically.

When we combine focused conversations, customized assignments, learning opportunities and intentional actions, you will find that new solutions begin to emerge, naturally and easily.
Some of the ways I help my clients improve their performance and their results:

* Leadership Development – learn to truly inspire and empower those you lead
* Communication – get consistent desired results by communicating clearly
* Time management – reduce the overwhelm and accomplish more
* Mentoring and Coaching – learn to help others achieve their potential
* Navigating Changes – powerfully adapt to new situations and challenges

Some of the changes you can expect:

* Increased loyalty which results in reducing turnover and related costs, plus retaining key employees longer
* A reduction in stress and sick-time (80% of all doctor visits in the U.S. are stress related)
* Committed buy-in (agreement and support for your ideas, efforts, projects, and goals)
* Fewer mistakes and do-overs
* Increased motivation
* A reduction of work/life spillover and the effects it creates
* A higher level of results produced, more consistently
* Consistent knowledge transfer

As a certified coach and trained mediator, I teach my clients how to communicate, lead and manage to reduce stress, nurture a team environment, and foster a collaborative workplace.