How To Stop Procrastination – Ask Yoda

Figuring out how to stop procrastination is one of the great challenges we all face constantly – that state of “limbo” where we intend to do something but never seem to get around to it.

And, as we’ve all found out the hard way, how we “get things done” can often make or break our business.

So how can you solve this for yourself, and once and for all stop procrastination?

I think the Yoda model works. You know, Yoda from the Star Wars movie, “The Empire Strikes Back.” He said: “There is no try, there is only do, and not do.”

If we look at procrastination through Yoda’s eyes, there IS no procrastination. There is only “doing, and not doing.”

And when we’re “not doing”, if we’re going to be completely honest, we’re actually attempting to fool ourselves.

We try to convince ourselves that we really DO mean to do the task. When the truth is – we’re just “not doing.”

When we say we’re procrastinating getting started on our new exercise program, we’re just not exercising.

When we say we’re procrastinating getting our accounting books caught up, in fact, we’re just not doing it.

Two Steps To Stop Procrastination Once And For All:

STEP ONE: Remove the word procrastination from your vocabulary, and replace it with the following two statements:
1. I am choosing not to _______________________.
2. As a result of that choice, I am choosing ________________.

Sentence #1 is the task you’re avoiding.
Sentence #2 is the result. (Be very honest with yourself)

For example:
I am choosing not to exercise. As a result of that choice, I am choosing a less healthy lifestyle.

I am choosing not to update my Quickbooks. As a result of that choice, I am choosing to stay uncertain about my finances.

I am choosing not to focus on marketing my business. As a result of that choice, I am choosing to believe that business will just show up on its own.

Making this shift in your thinking helps you get clarity about your choices and the results those choices get you. As long as we fool ourselves into thinking that we’re “procrastinating,” we stay in limbo, and no progress gets made.

In my next blog post I’ll discuss “Step Two” in helping you stop procrastination, once and for all.

I’ve found that this clarity really helps me. What have you found that works for you in overcoming procrastination? I’d love to hear.