Humility – Mark Of A Good Leader

In this world of leaders with huge egos – Steve Jobs, Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg – we forget that this type of leader is often the exception, not the rule.

In her book, “The Leader As A Mensch,” author Bruna Martinuzzi reveals that some of the most effective leaders in recent history had humility at their core.

They are leaders who are able to create superb results while shunning public adulation.

Time and again they’d shift the focus away from themselves and recognize the contributions of others.

In “Good To Great,” Jim Collins spoke of Level 5 leaders at the head of the most successful companies who were a paradoxical mix of intense professional will and extreme personal humility.

Unfortunately, in our competitive society, the term “humble leader” seems to be an oxymoron.

The mark of an effective leader – willingness to shift the focus away from yourself and recognize the contribution of others.

I like what former football player and coach Tony Dungy said: “Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It just means you think more of others.”