Keeping Appointments With Yourself – Accountability 101

In my coaching training, way back when, one of the the topics we covered is accountability – how to offer it and how to enforce it in supportive ways.

So how does this apply when keeping appointments with yourself?

The basics are the same.

First, an appointment with yourself is also an agreement with yourself – something that you’ve agreed to do.

With that in mind, here’s how I approach my clients.

Making Requests Of Clients

When I make a request, he/she has three choices:

  • Accept it
  • Reject it
  • Renegotiate it

So their response would need to be some version of:

  • “I will do that”
  • “I won’t do that”
  • “Here’s what I’m willing to do instead”

Then it’s my job to remind them of their commitment and help them find ways to successfully honor their commitment.

Accountability With Ourselves

Its vital that each us us, in our own lives, hold ourselves accountable in much the same way.

If you find that you’re letting your agreements with yourself slip, make a conscious decision to choose a direction:

  • Honor your commitment to yourself
  • Don’t make the commitment in the first place
  • Renegotiate the commitment

For example, let’s say you’ve made an appointment with yourself to balance your checking account at 2pm  on Wednesday.

Two o’clock rolls around. You can choose to balance your checkbook.

Perfect. You kept your commitment.

Alternatively, let’s say at 1:00pm a client emails you and says he has a crisis and needs to talk to you at 2pm.

You can either:

1. tell him you’re booked at 2pm (since you have an appointment with yourself), but you can talk to him at 4pm.

2. renegotiate with yourself – in other words, reschedule your appointment to balance your checkbook at another time – by consciously choosing another time and writing it into your schedule.

Its not okay to just blow off your scheduled appointment with yourself to balance your checking account, because that becomes a habit.

Take the time to specifically set appointments with yourself for specific tasks, and then honor those appointments. Your time is valuable and its important to respect your own time.