Making The Best Use Of Time

Most small business owners are faced with the challenge of making the best use of time, with seemingly too much to do.

The refrain I hear often in my coaching practice is, “If only there were more hours in the day, more days in the week, more years in our lives…”

If you’re trying to find some extra time it’s helpful to take a close look at how you’re spending the time you have, and being sure that you’re making the best use of time, on a daily basis.

How To Make The Best Use Of Time

1. Keep Track

I suggest keeping close track for a month of the time you spend on each of your meetings, projects, etc.

At the end of the month, review your list. Which of the meetings and projects were truly needed to reach your goals?

Often you’ll find that some of the time you spent had no real value. That will give you an opportunity to change your schedule for this month – to refocus on the valuable efforts.

2. Make an “Everything I Do” List

For some executives and business owners I suggest they create an “Everything I Do” spreadsheet – including sleeping, eating, commuting – to see how they spend every hour of their day, for a month.

This allows them to honestly look closely at each activity – with the goal of identifying what is being neglected, and what is taking too much time.

You need to write it down in order to manage it.

3. Apply the 3-E Rule

The 3-E’s are Efficient, Effective, Eliminate.

Learning to be more efficient means finding ways to do tasks more quickly.

Being more effective means doing your tasks better.

And whenever possible, eliminate tasks. This might mean stop doing certain things, or it might mean delegating them. Either way, it will create more time for you to focus on the most important tasks in your business.

Making the best use of time means looking honestly and critically at how you’re currently spending time.

While it’s obviously impossible to create more time, with serious review and reflection of your reality you CAN learn to use your time more wisely.