Conflict Resolution

Are your key employees getting along?

Is everyone in your company rowing in the same direction?

While we hope employee relationships in our office are smooth and productive, conflict happens.

These disagreements, if not resolved, can get very expensive, as they start to drag on productivity, collaboration, creativity and effectiveness.

And you risk losing good people.

In short, too much unresolved conflict in your company can lead to piles of problems.

That’s when an “office mediation” is a great solution.

My proven approach supports the parties to de-escalate the issues, resolve their differences, by bringing the parties together, clarifying the needs and concerns of each person, getting understanding between everyone, and laying the groundwork for collaboration and problem solving.

I’m interested in not only defusing the issue at hand, but teaching the parties strategies for defusing these issues on their own, in the future.

Heres what one participant said: 

"Work had become intolerable for both my co-worker and myself. Jeffrey’s process allowed us to not only be heard but to also reflect on the emotional impact of how we were being perceived. The whole experience has made me a better person."

So how does it work?

If you'd like to read about a specific case, please click here.

One thing is for certain: In this marketplace that is increasingly competitive, anything less than clean communication and collaboration will put you at a distinct disadvantage.

And in a work environment with a wide variety of personalities, work histories, skill levels and goals, difficult conversations are inevitable.

The good news is, miscommunication is fertile ground for making positive changes.

It begins by turning difficult conversations into conscious conversations.

And that’s where I can help.

My proven approach supports the parties to de-escalate the issues, and learn how to defuse future challenges on their own.

Let’s have a no-obligation talk about what's up in your company.