Small Business Marketing – How To Get Them To Listen To You

Obviously, to be successful in marketing your business, you’ve got to get them to stop and pay attention for a moment or two.

We all know how easy that is these days.

With all the targeted ads, spam, newsletters, blog and twitter feeds, it’s near impossible to break through.

To have any chance at all, you’ll need to remember this: In your marketing, talk benefits, not features.

“Benefits” Are About Them – “Features” Are About You

Here’s the hard truth: your potential customers don’t care about you (sorry).

They only care about what you can do for them.

So when you’re creating marketing materials – website copy, blog posts, mailers, flyers, ads, elevator speech – communicate clearly what benefit your potential customer will get by hiring you (or using your product).

DON’T tell them about the bells and whistles your product has.

The good news is that in your preparation, it’s often very easy to learn how to turn your features into benefits.

It just requires speaking from the perspective of your customer.

Effective marketing requires speaking from the perspective of your customer.

Tweak the way you talk about your business to focus on the benefit to your customer and you’ll have a much easier time holding their interest and moving toward a sale.