Stop Listening To Bad Advice

There’s plenty of advice to go around, much of it useless.

And if you’re a small business owner just starting out, you’re probably turning to everyone you know for advice.

So when you’re looking for advice or feedback here are a few tips to help you wade through the garbage, and get the useful information you’re seeking.

By getting good advice and feedback you can save yourself time and energy trying to decipher what someone is trying to tell you, or running off in a direction that doesn’t serve you.

How To Get Useful Advice

– Focus Your Requests – Before you ask just anyone for their feedback, make sure you’re asking the right person who can give you the right info.

Your best friend, mom, or person at the coffee shop has an opinion, but they might not have the knowledge and ability to provide you with useful advice.

– Frame Your Question – Make sure you put some thought into how to ask the question and the type of answer that would be most valuable. Provide context.

If your questions are sloppy and unfocused, so will be the feedback.

– Redirect the Conversation – Often the person you’re speaking with will go off on a tangent or come to an erroneous conclusion. Politely restate your question, clarifying what you’re asking.

Everyone has an opinion and many are not shy about sharing it with you. Be strategic about how you ask for advice and you will gather information that will be useful and maybe even actionable.