In 90 days I doubled my revenues, developed a clear strategy to follow for the next year, and most importantly came to understand how my business fit into the bigger picture of a happy and fulfilling life. M.H., Malibu, CA

What Jeffrey is really good at is offering up new and better ways of looking at the problem. He’s got so many different tools for you that it’s likely that one of them is just right for the job. Eventually what had seemed unsolvable becomes possible then probable and finally quite doable. R.B., Culver City, CA

As a team of 100+ staff, we were challenged, motivated, inspired and nudged to become the best we can be, personally and professionally. A. D., Newport, OR

Jeffrey helped me thru some major business challenges. He helped me get to the root cause of problems and to explore alternative solutions. I attribute my increased knowledge of both myself and my people skills to Jeffrey’s coaching. He is a pleasure to work with, is a great listener and knows how to lead the way to finding effective solutions to both business and personal challenges. R. M., Los Angeles, CA

We could not have come this far without you. Your help has been invaluable. We look forward to our next business adventure with you. Thank you for everything. S.D., Los Angeles, CA

I attribute my recent successes in large part to your coaching. You knew exactly where I needed to grow and then you helped make it happen. I couldn’t have done it alone. Thank you. J.J., North Hollywood, CA

Absolutely brilliant! You offered simple and elegant insights that will enable me to transform my attitude about my practice and rekindle my energy. J. E., Santa Monica, CA

Great call today. Thank you for being such a great coach. I really appreciated you saying that you treat your clients like adults; I can really see that in how you deal with me – encouraging my growth and development. S.M., Santa Barbara, CA