Weaving A Life

My personal bias is that too much emphasis is placed on trying to balance work and family.

I suggest the correct verb for what working and professional people are attempting to do in their lives is “weaving.”

Each of us are trying to weave together the many aspects of our lives into a tapestry that reflects who we are.

This process is at the heart of creating a fulfilling life.

For many of us career is an important piece of finding fulfillment. That’s why this isn’t just about spending more time with family or less time at the office.

It is about honoring your values, those qualities of life most important to you, and weaving them through all aspects of your life – a successful, fulfilling career an important part of that.

What Happened To Balance?

In looking for ways to confront the dilemma faced by working professionals, I became convinced that balance is far too restrictive an idea.

First, it suggests that only two components are in play, which is clearly not the case in our lives.

The challenge we face is more akin to juggling than balancing.

Secondly, I don’t believe that balance itself is useful as a strategy or goal, even while we all navigate difficult choices to achieve so-called balance.

Balance reminds me of the situation between the old Soviet Union and the U.S. – MAD (mutually assured destruction) which was needed to keep the world balanced.

It was the best we could do at the time with two entities that were in bitter conflict.

We would be better served by seeing the various aspects of our lives in concert creating a rewarding and full life, not in conflict with each other.

The Goal Is Weaving

I suggest that our goal be to weave the various aspects of our lives in a way that reflects who we are.

We are professionals and dads and moms – we are also sons and daughters and brothers and sisters and friends, roles which are also woven into the fabric of who we are.

And everyday we continue to weave that tapestry that is our lives – based on our values and our choices.

Look at the definition. Weave – “to interlace so as to form something; to form details and incidents into a story.”

The story you are weaving is the story of your life. It is fluid and infinite.

And your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to see how all the strands fit together, and make choices that support a cohesive, growing and rewarding whole.