What Do You Need To Stop Doing?

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything.—Warren Buffet

I’ve written a number blog posts on overwhelm, procrastination and how to increase your productivity with the time you have.

But nothing is going to change until you “stop-doing” certain things.

This is a concept that’s been floating around the business literature for a number of years. The idea that your Stop-Doing List might be even more valuable to your productivity than your To-Do List is a profound one.

Where do you start?

I believe in starting simply – and with something you can be successful at eliminating. And then building from there.

Identify one thing for your Stop-Doing List.

Write it down.

Then think of something else tomorrow. And write that down.

Look at your day and your business honestly. What are you doing that might be holding you back or slowing you down?

Ideas Of Things To Stop Doing

  • Stop taking 2 hour lunches.
  • Stop sitting in ineffective meetings.
  • Stop logging into your Facebook account 5 times a day.
  • Stop avoiding your marketing calls.
  • Stop judging and blaming.
  • Stop answering business calls when you’re with your kids.

Look for ideas that will make a difference in your life and business – simple ideas that will improve your productivity.

Small business owners especially need to learn to let go of those undertakings that don’t serve you.

Start simply – build from there

Finally, don’t add starting a Stop-Doing List to your To-Do List. Start right now.