Learning To Improve Your Effectiveness

One of the main challenges business owners face that reduces their effectiveness is what I call the full-plate syndrome.

Every entrepreneur and small business owner feels that there is way too much to do and way too few hours in the day in which to do it all.

And if you’ve been reading my posts, you know that my approach can best be summarized by: Make conscious choices about what you’re not going to do. Otherwise, you’re making unconscious choices, by simply “not doing.”

Once you’re honest with yourself about what you won’t be working on, you can make smarter choices about prioritizing what you’ve chosen to work on, which leads to improved effectiveness.

Which brings us to today’s topic: Golden time.

A study was done by a major university studying productivity and it concluded that we humans have about 2½ hours per day when we’re our most productive – most awake, thinking clearly, our personal body clocks are helping us produce at our best. They called this “Golden Time.”

This Golden Time varies from person to person, so each of us must determine when our own Golden Time is.

For some, it might be first thing in the morning. For some, after lunch. My Golden Time is from about 10am to noon.

Additionally, we all have another 2½ hours where we’re productive, just not at our best – and they called that Silver Time.

This gives us a total of 5 hours per day when our effectiveness is at its highest level.

The reason that it’s important for each of us to know our own Golden and Silver times is to help us schedule our activities for maximum effectiveness.

For instance, if your Golden Time is first thing in the morning, you don’t want to spend it answering emails or paying bills (as examples).

You probably want to use your Golden Time for tasks that require you to be your sharpest, your most creative.

My suggestion to each of my clients is to

1) know when your own personal Golden and Silver time is,
2) know which tasks require you to be your sharpest, to be at your best, and
3) schedule those tasks for those times.

By considering when you schedule your tasks, you can also increase your efficiency and your effectiveness.

When is your Golden Time?