Coaching for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

How can we improve your performance and results?

Sometimes it seems that the harder you work, the longer your to-do list gets. Just as you put one fire out, another one erupts. And marketing becomes an afterthought.

The challenges of being an entrepreneur seem never ending. You always need more clients. The paperwork piles up. The priorities aren’t always obvious. You're stressed out.

I can help you solve these as well as many other challenges you're facing.


What does it take for your small business to be successful?

Different entrepreneurs and business owners face different problems. There is certainly no “one-size-fits-all” solution. And while each business is unique, some common themes emerge.

* I need help with a marketing plan
* I'm overwhelmed with how much is "on my plate" and I need help prioritizing
* I'm working harder and longer yet seem to be "spinning my wheels"
* I can't find, keep or motivate quality employees
* I'm getting burned out and I'm having difficulty with stress management
* I never see my family
* I need to talk to someone with an objective perspective on my business
* I need help with goal setting and follow through
* I'm not sure what to do next
* I know I need a mission statement but I'm not sure how to create one
* How do I decide what my best strategy is?

My job is to help you create a plan with specific goals which will solve these and the other challenges that you face. And in a perfect world, my job would be done. Yet as we all know, circumstances and business realities conspire to keep you from sticking to the plan.

Identify Blindspots · Reduce Stress

With that in mind, I help you gain insight about blind spots in your decision making or counterproductive tendencies which might be holding back your business.
And of course, what good is business success if you're totally stressed and your life is out of whack? So we make sure that your plan includes ways for you to lower your stress and achieve a semblance of life balance. In short, increase your profits, reduce your stress and enjoy it all more.

Towards that end we offer consulting services in these areas:

* Business Planning
* Marketing Strategy
* Office Systems
* Budgeting and Planning
* Financial Statements
* Emotional Intelligence
* Employee Retention
* Management Strategy
* Communication Skills
* Assessments and Situational Analysis

If you're ready for exceptional growth of your business and greater professional fulfillment, I invite you to be my client. We'll create a powerful partnership dedicated to the success of your business. With the right team, anything is possible.